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Tour the gorgeous city of Sarasota from the seat of a bike!

Bike Tours in Sarasota

Bike Tours in Sarasota


Sarasota Bike Tours is a unique way to experience Siesta Key and beyond. They are the first and only bike company in Sarasota and they plan for everything you could need! Bikes, helmets, kayaks, snacks or picnic lunch and a local guide are all provided for you. Taking one of their trips allows you to enjoy the more hidden beauty of Sarasota while being active with friends or family. The owner of the tour company is a Sarasota native, so he knows all the best back roads, nature and architecture to explore from the seat of a bike or kayak through Sarasota, Siesta key and Lido Key.

Siesta Key Sunset Tour

Want to explore the number one beach in the U.S.A? With this tour you can experience a leisurely ride on the roads and on Siesta’s white sand beach. Take in the renowned Siesta Key sun set while enjoying a glass of wine or beer with your snack at the end of your trip, which is all provided by Sarasota Bike Tours. The tour starts and finishes in the Siesta Key Public Beach parking lot, and if you are staying on Siesta Key they can usually begin and end at your condo, hotel or beach house.

Duration 2 hours

Distance 5-7 miles

Price $49 (This tour includes a snack and beverage.)

Siesta Key Ride & Kayak Tour

This tour also starts at Siesta Key Public beach, and then continues down Midnight Pass Rd to Turtle beach, where you will be prepped for a kayak trip through old Midnight Pass, the Jim Neville Marine Preservation and turtle lagoon . You will conclude with a short ride back to the Siesta public beach, or your condo, hotel or beach house.

Duration 4 hours

Distance 8 miles

Price $99 (This tour includes a box lunch.)

Why not enjoy an adventure off of Siesta Key on your vacation? Sarasota Bike Tours also has excursion to explore Lido Key and our beautiful downtown area:

Downtown Historic Tour
Lido Beach Sunset Tour
Lido Key Bike & Kayak Tour
Ringling Mansion & Sarasota Bay Front Tour
Taste of Sarasota Tour

Sarasota Bike Tours offers a 20% discount for guests who bring their own bike.

Prices include bikes, helmets, and all equipment. Sarasota Bike Tours accept requests for any tour on days not previously booked. Feel free to call if you have any questions or special requests.

Contact Info:
Jason Crain
(941) 313-0613

The knowledgeable staff at Tropical Beach Resorts are happy to suggest a wide variety of activities during your visit to Siesta Key, Florida. Let us help you plan the island get-a-way of your dreams!

Tropical Beach Resorts
6717 Sarasea Circle
Sarasota, FL 34242
Reservations 800-235-3493 –

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Siesta Key Paddleboard Time!

SUP on Siesta Key

SUP w/ Studio Rubylake on Siesta Key. Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddleboarding,(SUP), is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports on Siesta Key! Recently, I decided to try paddle boarding myself. I wanted to be able to share a first- hand experience with our interested Tropical Beach Resort guests. Let me start by saying, I don’t think anyone would use the word “athletic” when describing me, and I can’t ever recall being referred to as graceful in my lifetime. Don’t get me wrong, I like to play outside and have fun… but I was seriously wondering if I would be falling off my SUP in the first five minutes. I called a couple of my friends (also fun- loving middle-aged women) that had never gone paddle boarding before and asked them if they would take a leap of faith, grab a couple boards, and hit the calm beautiful Sarasota waters with me while we made a video. We decided to take a popular Siesta Key instructor with us on this journey who quickly taught us the ins and outs of SUP, and offered to give us a private Pilates class on the water. Courtney Kees, from Studio RubyLake, immediately put us at ease, and we began to trust very quickly that we had a pretty good chance of staying on our boards. One of the first things I noticed was how spectacular our views were as we were standing up tall, spotting dolphins. I found my experience to be exciting and yet peaceful at the same time. It dawned on me that this was actually a really great way to get a super overall workout. Paddle boarding makes us use our balance and strength to remain upright while we propel ourselves in the water. This means that we are truly using almost every muscle at some point while still being gentle on our bodies. (Taking it easy on the joints and knees, thank-you!) Cardio fitness is said to greatly improve with SUP, and although I have not been doing it long enough to confirm this, I can confirm that it’s a great core workout and has helped me increase my balance.

My girlfriends and I really loved practicing Pilates on our boards. It definitely added some extra balance to the activity. The ambiance of being on the water along with the sunshine made the experience feel a lot more like fun than exercise.

The verdict came in quickly that we could not wait to schedule our next “paddle board girl- time”. Honestly, I don’t see us entering the next local paddle board race in October (, or spending 1,000’s of dollars on high end paddle board gear. I don’t think we will be finding ourselves discovered as local Paddle board celebrities, and it’s also unlikely that we will be featuring our “Pilates-Paddleboard six- pack abs” in future videos. However, it is very likely that we will be putting on the sunscreen, packing a little cooler, and taking advantage of paddle boarding in beautiful Sarasota as a regular pastime. We found a new sport we love and let’s be honest…. our roller blades have collected dust for a long time. We needed to find this sport.. we love it and we are actually working out and having a lot of fun!

If you are interested in renting paddleboards on Siesta Key contact Siesta Sport Rentals at TIP: Point of Rocks has many beautiful rock formations and colorful fish.

If you would like to take a Pilates paddleboard class contact Studio RubyLake at

Guests staying at Tropical Beach Resorts can also have paddleboards dropped off right at the beach. Go ahead.. Dare to be a little adventurous… Encounter dolphins, manatees, and schools of fish while getting a full body workout while walking on water!

Tropical Beach Resorts 6717 Sara Sea Circle Siesta Key Sarasota FL 34242 Reservations (800)-235-3493

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Let the Siesta Key sand help you reduce stress and strengthen your muscles through yoga and SUP!


Yoga on the Crescent Beach with the Siesta Key sand is an experience you won’t forget

Tropical Beach Resorts understands that our guests come to Siesta Key to feel good and to help alleviate stress. The Siesta Key sand is like no other beach around and you will be drawn to the special sand for years to come. We  strive to ensure  the ultimate vacation experience by offering premier accommodations and exceptional customer service that makes you feel like a star.  To further enhance your vacation experience, we offer complimentary beach yoga every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday on Crescent Beach in Sarasota, Florida. There is nothing like the cool, clean Siesta Key sand to experience a morning of invigorating yoga!

Practicing yoga on Crescent Beach in Sarasota, Florida offers many benefits including using the sand to help support the strength of secondary muscles, reduce stress, increase balance,  and  allow the fresh air and sunlight to help restore the body.
Even if you are a beginner, but feeling slightly more adventurous, we encourage our guests to try SUP yoga through Studio Rubylake. SUP (Stand up paddle board) yoga classes cost $30.00 and can make your work out more intense because your balance will be improved to avoid falling off the board.
So whether you decide to try SUP on Siesta Key or use the crystal white sand to help relax you and strengthen your muscles,  we look forward to practicing yoga with you this weekend.
“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.”
For reservations at Tropical Beach Resorts please call us toll-free at 1-800-235-3493
For more information on SUP yoga classes please contact Studio Rubylake at

“Enjoy the sand, sunshine, and feel like a star on Siesta Key….” – Dawn Bear, General Manager Tropical Beach Resorts

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