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Siesta Key Hotel recognized as a TripAdvisor Green Leader



Now, TripAdvisor makes it easy for guests to find greener properties for their next trips.


The TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Program identifies hotels and B&Bs that are committed to green practices like recycling, water efficiency and alternative energy.

Tropical Beach Resorts is proud to announce that our Tropical Sun Resort has been designated as a Silver Level Green Leader by TripAdvisor!

This designation is received through a rigorous inspection of our facilities and practices.

We received this designation through our participation in towel reuse programs, recycling of various materials and in-room amenities, electricity monitoring and landscape practices,  just to name a few items.

We here at Tropical Beach Resorts take great pride in protecting our environment and strive to do our best to help reduce our carbon footprint!

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Siesta Key hotel, Tropical Beach Resorts is doing its part to help!

Clean the World

Tropical Beach Resorts partnered with Clean the World back in October 2012. Clean the world is a non-profit organization that collects used bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner and other amenities from hotels. They then sanitize and redistribute throughout the world and even in our own communities. Since then we have collectively produced 2,059 recycled bars of life saving soap and stopped 956 pounds of waste from lying in our local landfill just from our resort alone! They currently have sent over 8,500 hygiene packs to the Oklahoma tornado victims and over 19,000 packs to those affected by hurricane Sandy.

Here is the process…. they collect all of the bar soap into n a vat which is then sanitized and melted together to be formed into a new bar of soap. The plastic bottles containing shampoo, conditioner and body wash are sorted. Those containing 25 percent or more are sanitized and redistributed locally to homeless and abuse shelters. The bottles containing less than 25 percent of liquid are squeezed and the liquid is used in the facility while the bottle is recycled. The plastic bottles are not sent over to countries of need of soap since there are no ways of recycling them over there. The distribution of soap is earth friendly and uses as less waste as possible.

3.5 Million children under the years of 5 die each year due to hygiene related illnesses.  Just the simple act of washing their hands could prevent many deaths. We at Tropical Beach Resorts are proud to aid in helping this cause. Each staff member does their part in maintaining the procedure of collecting the in-room amentities to the Clean the World center. We urge other hotels to do the same. There are ways even a single individual could help with the project too!  Find the many different ways you and your community can make a difference at

Here are Tropical Beach Resorts on Siesta Key, we are committed to being a green, environmental friendly hotel. If you have other ideas on how we can improve and make a difference, please let us know!

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Text Awareness Pledge-Sarasota Florida

Your friends at Tropical Beach Resorts encourage you to join us in helping with the awareness to stop the ones you love from texting and driving!

Download this contract and have all members of your family sign and agree to pledge not to text and drive.  Forms completed can be submitted by fax, email, or mailed. For each signed contract we receive Tropical Beach Resorts will donate $5 to the Sarasota Boys and Girls Club to support an awareness program for teens to teach them the true dangers of texting and driving.

Texting is an epidemic that is sweeping across America. Causing drivers everywhere to black out for five seconds at a time. It’s called Texting and Driving.

Simply download and print the contract and have all members of your party that are of legal driving age sign. Help support the Sarasota Boys and Girls Club in teaching teens the dangers of texting and driving.

Email  Fax 941-468-7224  Address 6717 Sara Sea Circle Siesta Key Sarasota FL 34242 Telephone 941-349-3330

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Complimentary Crescent Beach Yoga Class Saturday and Sunday Morning at 9am

We are delighted to invite you to a complimentary beach yoga class Saturday mornings at 9:00am. Can you think of a more relaxing way to start your day than by doing yoga on the white sandy shores of Siesta Key with the island sun brightening your day? Whether you have never taken a yoga class before or practice weekly…. you will find this class to be a wonderful experience. Make sure to bring water and wear comfy clothes; Otherwise, the class is all set up on the beach to the left of the access path by the Gulf. Namaste!

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